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Southland Saints Professional Men’s Basketball Franchise

Our mission is to provide a professional & winning basketball team rooted in community outreach by a team & organization that give back to its community through programs that equip our youth, enrich family dynamics, and uplift our community!

We believe that basketball is an event that can bring families closer and promote a love for something in common, their home team, the Southland Saints!

What we do

The Southland Saints Franchise operates under the highest level of integrity & accountability to our fans, players, and sponsors. We are dedicated to building community through youth programs, family enrichment, and professional growth initiatives. We are more than just a basketball organization; we are advocates for strong families and thriving communities. For more than 25 years, the owners of the Southland Saints LLC and Empowered Move, Inc has invested in families, the youth and their community. Our goal is to partner with local businesses in our efforts to connect families and the businesses in our community.

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