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Southland Saints – The Chicago Skyway

Mission statement

Our mission is to provide a professional & winning basketball team rotted in community outreach by a team & organization that gives back to its community through programs that equip our youth, enrich family dynamics, and uplift our community! We believe that basketball is an event that can bring families closer and promote a love for something they can share in common, their home team, the Southland Saints!

Meet Les and Monique Rodgers

As Motivational Speakers, Corporate Trainers, Marriage Ministry Leaders, and Youth Mentors, Les and Monique inspire and empower individuals of all ages both personal and professional to achieve the greatness for which they were created. They are also the founders and owners of Empowered Move INC., and the Southland Saints Pro-Basketball Team. Les and Monique value family and take pride in their closely knit blended family which include four children, a son-in-law and three grandchildren. Les & Monique are both from closely knit and faith-based families. Les is a Detective for a County Police Department, the author of the book “Shaping the lives of our Children” and has several youth programs in high demand across more than 150 schools. He is active in his community, where he has organized and currently chairs a community watch program. Les is a motivational speaker and actor.

Monique is a Regional Human Resource Manager and nationally recognized for her accomplishments. She is the driving force behind their successful marriage ministry, and as a humanitarian has helped bring in much more needed resources to hundreds of students and families in under-served communities and directed monetary resources to programs to assist those families and victims of domestic violence, and in the Summer of 2023, Les and Monique will launch their Southland Youth Leadership Academy.

Original Article by: James Taylor

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